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Your Pencil Drawings Newsletter #35
September 27, 2011

Recently I discovered the little-known secrets to Mastering the Human Form Through Figure Drawing techniques never before seen!

If you want to learn EXACTLY on...

  • How to draw people
  • How to draw eyes
  • How to draw mouths
  • How to draw feet
  • How to draw hair
  • How to draw clothes on people, all through proportions and perspective.
  • How to draw torso
  • Dynamic interactions
  • Expression and movement making your figures come alive
  • Gesture Drawing
  • Block-in Hatching and Cross-Hatching
  • Easily learn proportions and be able to draw them correctly even with ZERO drawing experience...
  • Draw incredible realistic looking faces...
  • Master the toughest parts of the human form, like hands, hair, and eyes
  • almost instantly...
  • Learn how to draw people in 4 easy steps using industry leading drawing tricks...
  • Use never before seen figure drawing draw like the masters in minutes...

... Plus a TON more step-by-step Figure Drawing strategies THOUSANDS of regular people are already using to Master the Human Form, click here now...

Best regards,

Wishing you all the best.

M Suhaimee Founder

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