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Pencil Drawings Newsletter #32
January 25, 2011
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Jan 20, 2011

Carlene Bowles

Carlene seek your help: "I have about 1000 pictures of famous people,my mother drew them before she passed away, I believe they are worth a lot of money. How do I find out what..."

"Carlene Bowles"

Jan 16, 2011

Pencil Portraits | Artists, Family and Pet Portraits From Photos

Pencil portraits, drawn by very talented drawing artists with which you will be inspired by their realistic touch to drawing portraits.

"Pencil Portraits | Artists, Family and Pet Portraits From Photos"

Jan 15, 2011

Johnny Depp Drawing Portrait

to do different colours for example hot colours,red,orange and yellow

"Johnny Depp Drawing Portrait"

Jan 14, 2011

Bette Davis Pencil Portrait

Get your Bette Davis pencil portrait. Our exclusive limited edition commissioned portraits are available only through myDaVinci.

"Bette Davis Pencil Portrait"

Jan 13, 2011

Pencil Portrait Drawing Mastery Review

Discover pencil portrait drawing mastery review, providing a step-by-step tutorial is the best and most effective way of learning, rather than figuring out how to draw each part based on the reference completed picture..

"Pencil Portrait Drawing Mastery Review"

Jan 11, 2011

Charcoal Pencil, A Drawing Material

Charcoal pencil works with great freedom, and answers readily when forceful expression is wanted. It is much more like painting than any other form of drawing.

"Charcoal Pencil, A Drawing Material"

Jan 11, 2011

Pencil Drawings and Sketches for Beginners

Have you noticed that I've changed the background from red to light blue with gradient?

"Pencil Drawings and Sketches for Beginners"

Jan 11, 2011

Eye Pencil Drawings | How To Draw Eyes With Pencil

Steps in eye pencil drawings. Learn how to draw eyeball, eyebrow, eyelid, eyelash to form a realistic pencil drawings of eyes.

"Eye Pencil Drawings | How To Draw Eyes With Pencil"

Jan 10, 2011


Pencil drawing of Clint


Jan 3, 2011

Kid's World

it's about life.. actually kid's world and nature..all is in the drawin

"Kid's World"

Jan 3, 2011

Drawing Lessons | Download Various Lessons On Drawing

Good drawing lessons are hard to find? I've found several lessons on drawing which you can use and learn to draw in various drawing topics.

"Drawing Lessons | Download Various Lessons On Drawing"

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