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Pencil Drawing Idea Newsletter, Issue #003--What's New
September 25, 2007
Hi everyone,

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To our new subscibers, this is the third issue since July 2007, there are lots of new information that I've added on Here are some of the new updates:

Pencil Drawings Of Spiderman, Do You Know How To Draw Spiderman?

Simple step by step to have your pencil drawings of spiderman. It's easy once you watch my mini video clip on how to draw spiderman.

Pencil drawings of Spiderman

Celebrity Drawing Pencil, Who Do You Want To Draw?

Make your celebrity drawing pencil real. Show you how to draw Angelina Jolie in a step-by-step course. I've included my step-by-step mini video clip on how to draw Angelina Jolie. Learn to draw and enjoy the song by watching a beautiful video clip of Angelina Jolie on this page.

Celebrity drawing pencil

Rose Pencil Drawings and Sketches

Learn how to draw roses. There are many rose pencil drawings or rose sketch examples. I've included my step-by-step video clip on how to draw a rose on this page. Please browse through the bottom of the page.

Rose pencil drawings and sketches

Pencil Drawings of Angel Wings

Drawings of angel wings are fun and easy. Provides many examples of angel wing drawings.

Drawings of angel wings

Visitors' Pencil Drawings Experiences

Great pencil drawings experiences, contributed by visitors from around the world. You can share your thoughts, views or ideas as well...

Visitors pencil drawings experiences

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