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Wonder how to draw your favorite celebrity pencil drawing?

There are lots and lots of celebrities to choose and you can start to draw a woman celebrity like Angelina Jolie to have your celebrity pencil drawing.

Here, I'll share with you how to draw Angelina Jolie from a picture. You must draw from a picture to have your portrait drawing. Follow this link - Angelina Jolie pictures - to review some Angelina Jolie pictures available online. I chose to draw Angelina Jolie because I like her sexy eyes and lips...

Tips for beginners

For beginners, the most important thing is to take your time. You can not expect to have a perfect hand drawn pencil sketch in an hour. Almost all great hand drawn pencil sketches have taken an enormous amount of time.

Most certainly they have come back to their drawing time and again to change and correct things and have spent more time to get the proportions right.

It can start off to be very frustrating for the beginner. And be assured, most artists haven't done a perfect drawing job first time around, but as you progress with practice and become more in touch with your drawings you will become addicted, and before long you will be drawing everyone and everything.

If you are working from a single piece of paper you will need a flat rigid piece of wood around an inch or two Drawing pencil sets bigger than your piece of paper, which you can secure your paper on using a few pieces of blue tack to secure on each corner, you may not need this as it can be easier without, it's just what your comfortable with. (Do you know what does a good drawing pencil set consist of? Find more information on Drawing Pencil Set).

Other celebrity pencil portrait drawings:

Okay, are you ready to learn how to draw Angelina Jolie in a simple step-by-step drawing lesson?

Go pencil, go!

Let's start... 

Here is the picture of Angelina Jolie that I refer

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie

Click the video to watch a step-by-step drawing.

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie: Step 1

Celebrity pencil drawing - Angelina Jolie 2

Like any other drawing, you have to start from sketches first. Use a sharpened 2B grade graphite pencil from your drawing pencil set. Start to draw a face. An easy way is to determine what is the shape of your subject. In this case, you can sketch an oval shape and placed a vertical line to position her face (tilt or facing to a side).

Then sketch two horizontal lines at the upper part (to position her eyes) and at the lower part (to position her mouth / lips).

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie: Step 2

Celebrity pencil drawing - Angelina Jolie 3

After that, you sketch small strokes to position the length and width of both her eyes, nose and mouth. You can see how you can do the way I did through the picture.

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie: Step 3

Celebrity pencil drawing - Angelina Jolie 4

In this step, focus to draw her eyes. Lenghten the upper sketch from one end to the other end to position her eye lashes. Draw two circles below the eye lashes to represent her iris. Then raw her eye brows.

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie: Step 4

Celebrity pencil drawing - Angelina Jolie 5

Continue to draw her nose and lips. Put a little bit of pressure on your 2B grade pencil to outline your sketch leaving your horizontal and vertical lines untouched.

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie: Step 5

Celebrity pencil drawing - Angelina Jolie 6

Gently erase unwanted lines by using a soft eraser. You can look at the picture.

Celebrity drawing - Angelina Jolie: Step 6

Take out a sharpened 4B or 6B grade graphite pencil and start toning her eyes. Start from your left if your are a right-handed person and vice-versa.

Put special emphasize on creating light effects on her eyes.

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie 9

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie 10

Celebrity drawing - Angelina Jolie: Step 7

Continue to put tones on her nose and lips. Start to erase a part of her chin that is covered by her hand. Pic 10 and 11

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie 11

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie 12

Celebrity drawing - Angelina Jolie: Step 8

Start to draw her hair, put more pressure on creating her cheeks and make shadow on her left and right cheeks. Continue to draw her hair and her hand. Do final touch-up here and there.

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie 13

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie 14

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie 15

Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie 16


Celebrity drawing pencil - Angelina Jolie 16
Your hand drawn Angelina Jolie

Get the idea? You can repeat the same process on any of your favorite celebrity.

There are also celebrity drawing pencil portraits which are available for you to have them printed on canvas.

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Jack Nickolson by Murphy Art. Elliott

Kenny Chesney

Farrah Fawcett

Taylor Swift Poster - Murphy Elliott

Michael Jackson-Murphy Elliott

Albert Einstein-Murphy Elliott

Paul Mccartney


Simon Cowell - Murphy Elliott

Arnold Palmer

Tiger Woods Game On


Oprah Winfrey

Marilyn Monroe III

Elvis Presley

Tiger Woods Portrait Collage-Murphy Elliott

Jon Bon Jovi

Dwayne M. Carter-Lil'Wayne-Murphy Elliott

Mick Jagger

Jerry Mathers-As the Beaver-Murphy Elliott

Michael Jackson

Marilyn Monroe II

Pablo Picasso-Murphy Elliott

Carrie Underwood-Murphy Elliott

Audrey Silver

Ellen Degeneres by Murphy Art. Elliott

Greg Norman

John Wayne Pencil Sketch Limited Editions

Kevin Kostner Color Pencil Sketch Limited Editions

Mae West Pencil Sketch Limited Editions

Naomi Watts Color Pencil Limited Editions

Did you know that you can have all these poster printed on various items as gifts for your someone special? Learn more on how to have your personalized gift, for example, gift for kids as your special gift to them.

Found Your Favorite Celebrity Drawings?

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