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Pencil Drawing Idea Newsletter, Issue #020--What's New
August 25, 2009
Hi everyone,

Welcome to those of our new sign-ups, I would like to thank you for subscribing to my monthly newsletter. I hope you do enjoy my newsletter updates.

For the past 5 months, I was very busy in various activities and I apologize for not updating you regarding

Still there are few more pages to be updated that I hope might interest you.

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To begin with, few months back I realized that my web traffic was getting lower and not going to reach more than 500 unique visitors per day. I figured out that, it happened since the first time I changed my website L&F (Look and Feel). So, within these few weeks I'm changing the Look and Feel of

So, here are some of updated pages with the new L&F. There are also some new information added in these pages. Have fun :-)

The Pencil Drawings Blog

The Pencil Drawings Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.

The Pencil Drawings Blog

Rose pencil drawings and sketches.

Provides rose pencil drawings or rose sketches examples and step by step drawing lesson on how to draw roses.

Rose pencil drawings and sketches

Pencil Drawings of Angels

An easy way to have your pencil drawings of angels. Provides a step-by-step pencil drawing lesson on how to draw an angel.

Pencil Drawings of Angels

Drawing pencil set

Tips on what does a drawing pencil set consist of and how to get a good one. When you want to start your own pencil drawings, this is a must read tips.

Drawing pencil set

Drawing Materials

There are many drawing materials which can be used in order to produce a good piece of artwork.

Drawing Materials

Visitors' drawing experience

Have you bump into any drawing experience? Tips, videos, thoughts, ideas or anything related to drawing, share it and others will rate it.

Visitors' drawing experience

How To Draw Cartoon Characters of Your Choice

How to draw cartoon characters of your choice. Create your own cartoon pencil drawing, it's so easy to have your favorite cartoon figure everywhere...

How To Draw Cartoon Characters of Your Choice

Art School, Find Your Choice Of Online Learning

Find an art school providing studies in art education for art students.

Art School

Drawing Pencil Sketches, An Easy Way To Start...

Drawing pencil sketches is easy...and it's a good way to relax and clear your mind.

Drawing Pencil Sketches

Make Your Animal Pencil Sketches and Drawings Life!

Provides animal pencil sketches or animal pencil drawings examples and step by step how to learn to draw animals such as horse, wolf, tigers, scorpion, snake, dolphins and even a butterfly.

Animal Pencil Sketches

You can share your thought or finding at this page:

Your Drawing Space

Please have a look and you are invited to rate and comment on others submissions too.

And there is one new submission on Your Drawing Space page...

One of my cool tattoo pencil sketches

Submitted by Horace (Springfield Gardens, NY)

Hi, am Horace, this is a drawing of Shaq. That i did in 2005 as a sketch for a tattoo. There a lot more like this one on my website.

One of my cool tattoo pencil sketches

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Mohammed Suhaimee
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