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Pencil Drawing Idea Newsletter, Issue #021--What's New
October 27, 2009
Hi everyone,

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Here are some of updated pages with the new Look & Feel. There are also some new information added in these pages. Have fun :-)

Wolf pencil drawings

Wolf pencil drawings presented in easy step-by-step drawing tutorial by referring to a picture of a wolf. I've created a video for you to watch.

Wolf pencil drawings

Art Galleries Links

Link your art galleries in various categories such as pencil art, flower art, celebrities art, animal or wildlife art, cartoon art and many others. Join now!

Art Galleries Links

Portrait Art Gallery

Portrait Art Gallery is where you can place your link if you have any portrait art related web or blog. Submit yours here.

Portrait Art Gallery

Drawing Pencil Sketches, An Easy Way To Start...

Drawing pencil sketches is easy...and it's a good way to relax and clear your mind.

Drawing Pencil Sketches

You can share your thought or finding at this page:

Your Drawing Space

Please have a look and you are invited to rate and comment on others submissions too.

And there are three new submissions on Your Drawing Space page. All are about our late King of Pop, Michael Jackson drawings...

Michael Jackson pencil picture after he left this world

What this pic let me do with Michael Jackson is so easy to do because his face only needs

Michael Jackson pencil picture

Michael Jackson drawing: Something to share

I love to draw just as much as the next person who visit this site. I also just started up my new website, and I am leaning to

Michael Jackson drawing

Pencil drawing of Michael Jackson

My tip is to use a page with a grid of blocks. This helps to proportion and line your drawing properly. This helps a lot for beginners. And also to

Pencil drawing of Michael Jackson

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