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Are you searching for a good pencil sharpener to start your pencil drawing? Prolonged drawing periods often cause one side of the graphite to become lopsided and dull. SO, you need to sharpen it!

A common, portable variety is usually small, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in size, and has no moving parts.

Basically, the tip of the pencil is inserted into the hole of the sharpener and twisted, while holding the sharpener motionless. A blade inside the sharpener shaves the wood of the pencil, thus sharpening the tip.

Such sharpeners can be bare or enclosed in a container to collect the shavings. The base of such a sharpener is often made of aluminium, magnesium or hard plastic..

Another type of sharpener is known as mechanical sharpener. This stationary mechanical sharpener can be mounted on a desk or wall and powered by a crank. The pencil is inserted into the sharpener with one hand and the crank is turned with the other. This rotates a set of cylindrical burrs in the mechanism, set at an angle to each other; this quickly sharpens the pencil.

The casing of the sharpener is a repository for the pencil shavings; it needs to be emptied periodically. This type of mechanism was long the standard in offices, schools, and libraries before electric sharpeners became common, and these sturdy devices are still found.

Large art pencils used in primary schools and carpenters' rectangular pencils use specialized sharpener. Specialized sharpeners are available that operate on non-standard sizes of art pencils. Some mechanical sharpeners have a large hole with a rotating disk in front of it that has several holes of different sizes.

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