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"Are Dolphin Drawings
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If dolphin drawings are your favorite, then I'll show you with some ideas on:
    1. some examples of pencil drawing of dolphins starting from few dolphin sketches that I've drawn, AND
    2. the simplest way to learn how to draw dolphins step by step

But, before that, let's learn a little bit about dolphins...

Have you read about dolphins? Okay... Now, let's start your dolphin drawings, step by step... 

For beginners, before you start your drawings, make sure you get some photos or buy few pictures of dolphins. You can get cheap yet high quality dolphins pictures here. (If you're lucky, you can get them free!)


Because dolphins are active mammals, you can learn to draw dolphins from a dolphin picture. Choose the one which is convenient to you. You can practice to draw based on pictures or photos. As practice makes perfect...

So, what you need to do before you draw your dolphin is:

    1. a nice place to sit...because it might take you long hours before you finish your drawing.
    2. a good art drawing pencil set consists of different grade of graphite pencils (B, 2B and 4B). Faber Castell, Mont Blanc, Bic or Steadtler are among the best art pencil brands.
    3. Another thing you need is a pencil eraser and a pencil sharpener.
    4. a light, smooth surface paper holder (preferably with a clip), and
    5. of course, a piece of A4 paper (preferably a 80gm photocopy paper).

You can purchase your art drawing pencil set at your local art suppliers. Otherwise you can get it here...

If you already have all that is required, than you can start your dolphin drawings in pencil.

Okay, here are some examples of dolphin drawings in pencil that I've drawn in a step-by-step images.

Dolphin Drawing - Step 1.

Draw dolphins sketch using a H or HB pencil Usually the technique of drawing involves the use of finer lines. So, the ideal choice of paper is a smooth surface paper. You can start by doing a sketch drawing in outline form, using a sharpened HB grade graphite pencil.

Dolphin Drawing - Step 2.

Re-sketch using a 2B mechanical or sharpened pencil With a 2B grade sharpened pencil or a mechanical pencil, re-sketch your dolphin sketches to get a clear fine line.

Dolphin Drawing - Step 3.

Erase gently your dolphin sketch With an eraser, erase gently your dolphin sketches to remove unnecessary lines leaving fine sketch of the 2B pencil.

Dolphin Drawing - Step 4.

Apply a 4B dark tones to your dolphin drawing Use either a sharpened 2B pencil or a mechanical pencil to re-draw the lines of both dolphins. Take extra attention to draw small semi-circles on their jaws to represent the teeth.

Dolphin-Drawing - Step 5.

Apply a 4B pencil to your dolphin drawing Okay...put down your 2B pencil and take a 4B grade graphite pencil. Start to create tones on the back of the dolphin. If you're right-handed, start from your left and vice-versa if you're left-handed.

Dolphin-Drawing - Step 6.

Apply a 4B dark tones to your dolphin drawing For the darkest tones, press harder using the 4B grade graphite pencil. Add black tones on the dark patches of the dolphins and in the shadows from left, and tone down white areas to create a 'wet' perspective. Does it look wet? Hmm...Not yet...

Dolphin-Drawing - Step 7.

Smudge your dolphin drawing Ah-Hah...This is a tricky part. Use your finger to smudge tones. If you're unsure, I suggest you try it on other piece of scrap paper. After you're confident than do it on your art work. Otherwise, you might spoil your dolphin drawing. Use your smallest finger if necessary.

Dolphin-Drawing - Step 8.

Add water to your dolphin drawing Start to pour water on your dolphin drawing. Excuse me...please don't pour real water. Apply darker strokes for dolphin body parts in water and light tones elsewhere.

Dolphin-Drawing - Step 9.

Continue to pour water to your dolphin drawing Continue to add darker tones to show dolphin's body under the water.

Dolphin-Drawing - Step 10.

Apply a 4B dark tones to another dolphin Continue to toning the other dolphin. For the darkest tones, use a 4B grade graphite pencil.

Dolphin-Drawing - Step 11.

Apply a 46B dark tones to your dolphins' mouth parts If possible use a 6B grade graphite pencil to create darker tones inside the mouth parts.

Dolphin-Drawing - Step 12.

Add water to your dolphin drawing Start to create water images.

Dolphin-Drawing - Step 13.

Continue to add water to your dolphin drawing
Use darker tones to show its body under the water.

And finally...

Your hand drawn dolphin drawing in pencil

Your hand drawn drawing of dolphins in pencil

Keep it in a folder or paste it on your room's wall. I highly recommend that you scan your artwork or at least take a few snaps using a digital camera and then store your images at any available free image hosting company like Photobucket.

Or, you can have your own personalized t-shirts from this dolphin drawing. Visit Custom T-Shirts to have yours... There is no minimum order required.

Learn again? Click here - to learn again.

Get it? Or have any questions or comments on how to draw realistic dolphin drawings in pencil? Click here to ask or comment on dolphin drawings.

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