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Here, I'll show you an idea on how to have your realistic skull drawing. When you learn biology, your lecturer might want you to draw a human skull. Or you simply like to draw skulls. You might be wondering how to draw a skull. It's so easy.

Are you learning anatomy and physiology? Check the most comprehensive human anatomy course which covers everything you want to know about skull.

skull diagram
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I highly recommend Human Anatomy since you can even print detail parts of a skull. In fact, all parts of a human body!

First, let's look what is a skull... Wanna skip? Watch a video clip or read easy step-by-step lessons or see some examples of skull pictures.

There is also a drawing lesson on how to draw an evil skull.

The skull is a bony structure found in all vertebrates which serves as the general framework for the head. The skull supports the structures of the face and protects the head against injury. The skull is made up of two bones: the cranium and the mandible.     

Human skull anatomy

Parts of a human skull

In humans, the adult skull is normally made up of 22 bones. Except for the mandible, all of the bones of the skull are joined together by sutures, rigid articulations permitting very little movement.

The skull contains the nasal or sinus cavities, which are air-filled cavities lined with respiratory epithelium, which also lines the large airways.

A skull that is missing a mandible is only a cranium; this is the source of a very commonly made error in terminology. Protection of the brain is only one part of the function of a bony skull.

Are YOU ready? Let's start to have your pencil drawing of a skull.

How To Draw A Skull - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Pencil Drawing of a Skull - Step No. 1

For beginners, I would suggest you to have a still 2D picture of a human skull. Don't have one? Click here to get one. It's cheap! If you're lucky you can have it free!

Take a piece of paper (preferably a cheap A4 photocopy paper) and a drawing pencil set. (Do you know what is a drawing pencil set? Click here)

Select a nice place to sit. Make a cup of coffee or hot chocolate if you want.

Ready? Go to the next step...

Pencil Drawing of a Skull - Step No. 2

Pencil drawing of a skull - Sketch 1

Take a HB or B grade graphite pencil. Use it to draw sketches of your pencil drawing of a skull. Look at your picture of a human skull. Sketch an inverted pear-shaped oval for the skull.

Pencil Drawing of a Skull - Step No. 3

Pencil drawing of a skull - Sketch 2

Create a vertical line to position the nasal or sinus cavity and two horizontal lines to position the eye sockets, mandible (mouth). Make two straight lines from the horizontal lines (eye and mouth) and join together to position the ear.

Pencil Drawing of a Skull - Step No. 4

Use a 2B grade graphite pencil and create an outline sketch of the skull. Create the teeth part by simple outlines and erase unwanted lines by gently rubbing using erasers. So, the HB pencil sketches will disappear leaving the 2B pencil sketches of the skull.

Pencil drawing of a skull - Sketch 3
Pencil drawing of a skull - Sketch 4
Pencil drawing of a skull - Sketch 5


Pencil Drawing of a Skull - Step No. 5

Now, let's make it real. First, create tones on your skull. Start at the eye sockets followed by sinus cavity. Create 3D perspective by darkening the deeper part of the sockets and cavity. Use either a 2b or 4B grade of graphite pencil. Create shadow on your drawing pencil sketch. Rub your pencil strokes with your finger based on the skull's shape.

Pencil drawing of a skull - Sketch 6
Pencil drawing of a skull - Sketch 7
Pencil drawing of a skull - Sketch 8

Get the idea? Finally...

Pencil drawing of a skull

Your hand drawn pencil drawing of a skull

Get the idea on how to draw a human skull in pencil? You can create your own pencil drawing of skulls at any angle that you like.

Keep it in a folder or paste it on your room's wall. I highly recommend that you scan your artwork or at least take a few snaps using a digital camera and then store your images at any available free image hosting company like Photobucket.

Otherwise, if you are planning to have an event related to your skull drawing, energize your event and create some buzz as your fans wear your skull logo. With your own temporary skull tattoo you'll see grown adults acting like kids as they interact with your logo. 500 Temporary Tattoos Made Just For You

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Let's look at some other examples of human skulls as well as evil skull pictures that you might want to draw. So, no need to imagine how to have your evil skull pencil drawing since you got an example here.

(Click on the pictures to get yours... ). You can found many examples of human skulls in quality photos. Just type a word 'skull' in the search bar.

Wanna learn to have an evil skull drawing?

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Or, do you have your own skull pencil sketches? Why not share it to the world and let them rate your art work?

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