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Have you finished with the first, the second and the third steps in drawing a wolf? If not, please revert back to Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 of this wolf drawing lesson.

Are you ready?

Let's start... Your Step 4 Drawing Lesson - A Wolf

Now, take out your 2B or 4B pencil and do short strokes. This technique is useful when you are dealing with a hairy subject in your drawing.

Naturally, the hair or the fur flows in a same direction. So, when you stroke, you may tilt your drawing paper according to the direction of the fur. The length of the stroke would be based on the length of the hair or fur. In this case the fur is short, so do short strokes.

A Wolf Sketch 10

Start doing it from your upper left hand side to the upper right side of your pencil drawing (I assume you're a right-handed person, if not please do a reverse). After finishing the upper right part of the wolf head, you can smoothly smudge the strokes in the same direction with one of your fingers.

A Wolf Sketch 11

After that, continue the above technique to the nose part of the wolf.

A Wolf Sketch 12

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