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Have you finished with the first, the second and the third steps in drawing a wolf? If not, please revert back to Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4 of this drawing a wolf lesson.

Are you ready?

Let's start... Your Step 5 Drawing Lesson - A Wolf

As I've mentioned it in Step 4, continue using the same technique on the upper right hand part of the wolf's head. Since the direction of the fur is different, you might want to tilt your drawing paper to whatever position that is easy for you. I tilted my drawing paper as shown in the figure below.

A Wolf Sketch 13

Then, continue toning the wolf's nose.

A Wolf Sketch 14

Make the wolf's nose darker then the fur. If you notice, there are different tones on the nose part itself. The darker part represents the lower part of the nose and nose openings while the lighter part represents the upper part of the nose.

Then, continue toning the mouth part. Don't be afraid of doing mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. If you do, just erase it out!

A Wolf Sketch 15

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