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If you are interested to have Naruto drawings collection, the easiest way is to get a comic of Naruto. In the comic, it displays each and every Naruto characters where you can use them to learn pencil drawing of Naruto characters.

In fact you can have different facial expression of Naruto and other Naruto characters in it.

While he was initially cold and singularly driven by his revenge, he becomes more empathetic through his relationships with other characters, notably Naruto Uzumaki, whom he comes to consider as a rival.

Okay, that's it for now.

Let's learn how to draw Sasuke in pencil drawing.


How To Draw Sasuke - Step No. 1

For beginners, I would suggest you to have a still 2D picture of Uchiha Sasuke.

It's easy and I would recommend you to get Naruto comic since you can learn how to draw different facial expression of Sasuke and other Naruto characters.

Or, if you find the drawings inside Naruto comics are too small for you to learn, then I would suggest you to get one of these Sasuke wall posters below...

Already got one? Now, take a piece of paper (preferably a cheap A4 photocopy paper) and a drawing pencil set. (Do you know what is a drawing pencil set? Click here)


Select a nice place to sit. Make a cup of coffee or hot chocolate if you want.

Ready? Go to the next step...


How To Draw Sasuke - Step No. 2

Take a HB or B grade graphite pencil. Use it to draw pencil sketch face of your Sasuke pencil drawing. Start by drawing pencil sketch of an inverted egg-shaped oval first.

(I'm sorry regarding the images since I drew and took these pictures when I was in a hotel bedroom with dim lightings)

How to draw Sasuke Uchiha - Sketch 1
Look at your Sasuke picture and create a vertical line to locate which way Sasuke is facing.

Create an elongated horizontal line at the upper part (eyes position).

How to draw Sasuke Uchiha - Sketch 2
Then, draw his eyes, nose and mouth.

After that, stop looking at your pencil sketch face of Sasuke and compare it with your subject.

Ask these two questions:-

1. Does it has a correct size to be on your paper?
2. Does it has a correct angle according to your Sasuke picture?

If the answer is NOT to any of these questions...Erase your drawing pencil sketch, and re-sketch your pencil sketch face of Sasuke according to the correct size and angle.

Okay? Finish drawing your pencil sketch face of Sasuke? Let's continue to the next step...


How To Draw Sasuke - Step No. 3

How to draw Sasuke Uchiha - Sketch 3
Then, erase unwanted sketches.

How to draw Sasuke Uchiha - Sketch 4

Use a 2B grade graphite pencil and re-draw Sasuke's eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth.

In addition start sketching his unique hair style and his ear.



How To Draw Sasuke - Step No. 4

How to draw Sasuke Uchiha - Sketch 5
Draw his zig-zag hair by following the top of the oval sketch you drew in Step 1. This is useful to guide you to create Sasuke's hair.

Get the idea? Let's continue....

How to draw Sasuke Uchiha - Sketch 6

Erase unwanted sketches. As you can see in the image. I've erased the unwanted line of the oval sketch (from Step 1)

How to draw Sasuke Uchiha - Sketch 7

Re-draw your Sasuke picture by connecting each and every erased part.


How To Draw Sasuke - Step No. 5

How to draw Sasuke Uchiha - Sketch 7
Use either 2b or 4B grade of graphite pencil. Draw the collar of his costume and a part of his neck. Create the famous 'Sasuke Curse Seal' between his neck and his shoulder.


How to draw Sasuke Uchiha - Sketch 7

Your hand drawn Uchiha Sasuke...

Get the idea on how to draw Sasuke in pencil? You can create your own pencil sketch face of Naruto at any angle that you like.

Keep it in a folder or paste it on your room's wall. I highly recommend that you scan your artwork or at least take a few snaps using a digital camera and then store your images at any available free image hosting company like Photobucket.

Or, you can have your own personalized t-shirts from this Sasuke drawing. Visit Custom T-Shirts to have yours... There is no minimum order required.

Perhaps you might want to learn easy steps on how to draw Manga like a professional Manga artist, then click on the image below or follow the link:

How beginners learn to draw Manga quickly and easily?

Let's look at some other examples of other Naruto characters to draw...

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