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"How To Draw Sakura Haruno?"

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Here, I'm gonna share with you how to draw Sakura. She is one of Naruto anime characters.

Learn more about Sakura Haruno...

Before You Proceed

Relax... Take a deep breath... Clear your mind... Take a piece of paper (preferably a cheap photocopy paper) and a drawing pencil set. (Do you know what is a drawing pencil set? Click here)

For beginners, I suggest you get any Naruto comic which has Haruno Sakura's pictures inside it. Before you buy one, please read the description available. Usually it displays Naruto characters in the description that are available in the comic.

Select your subject to have your drawing pencil sketches of Sakura. Got one? Let's start...


How To Draw Naruto Characters, Sakura - Step No. 1

Haruno Sakura 1

Take a 2B grade mechanical pencil. Use it to draw sketches. Start by drawing pencil sketches of Sakura's nose first, followed by her eyes, eyebrows and mouth parts. Then you can draw her face...

Some artists prefer to sketch the whole face first followed by the eyes, nose and mouth. It's up to you...

Haruno Sakura 2
Haruno Sakura 3

Get it? Let's continue...


How To Draw Naruto Characters, Haruno Sakura - Step No. 2

Haruno Sakura 4

Continue to draw her face, neck, hair, ear and head band (which is placed on her head). Give special attention to her iris and lines around her eyes...

Continue to draw her back hair and collar of her dress.

Haruno Sakura 5
Haruno Sakura 6

How To Draw Naruto Characters, Sakura Haruno - Step No. 3

Now, lets start toning your Haruno Sakura drawing...

There are two types of toning that you can use in manga drawing. The first one is line toning. This is where you draw simple lines in parallel using a mechanical pencil to create a tone like in the next figure. Create line toning at her neck and on her collar.

Haruno Sakura 7

Haruno Sakura 8

The figures after that show you the second type of toning. This toning technique use a 4B or 6B grades graphite pencil. Strike in the same direction. Do it on her dress and head band.

Haruno Sakura 9

Haruno Sakura 10

Haruno Sakura 11

Haruno Sakura 12

And finally, your hand drawn Sakura Haruno is ready...

Get the idea on how to draw Sakura Haruno in pencil?

Keep it in a folder or paste it on your room's wall. You can create your own pencil sketch face of Sakura at any angle that you like.

Perhaps you might want to learn easy steps on how to draw Manga like a professional Manga artist, then click on the image below or follow the link:

How beginners learn to draw Manga quickly and easily?

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