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"How To Draw Rock Lee?"

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If you are searching for Lee Rock in order for you learn how to draw or sketch his figure, then you've come to the right place.

For whatever reason, maybe, you want it for your kids to have some activities to color your sketch afterwards as a coloring page or you must be Lee Rock's fan... aren't you?

Here, I'm gonna share with you how to draw Lee. He is one of Naruto anime characters.

But before that let's see who is Lee... Learn more about Rock Lee...

Before You Proceed

Relax... Take a deep breath... Clear your mind... Take a piece of paper (preferably a cheap photocopy paper) and a drawing pencil set. (Do you know what is a drawing pencil set? Click here)

For beginners, I suggest you get any Naruto comic which has Rock Lee's pictures inside it. Before you buy one, please read the description available. Usually it displays Naruto characters in the description that are available in the comic.

Or, you can download from your internet search engine, type "Rock Lee" and there are many websites you can choose to download your copy. But make sure to follow their terms of use.

Here is a picture that I use to draw Lee, Rock from Naruto anime characters.

Rock Lee 1

Select your subject to have your drawing pencil sketches of Lee. Got one? Let's start...


How To Draw Naruto Characters, Rock Lee - Step No. 1

Rock Lee 2

Take a sharpened 2B grade pencil. Use it to draw sketches. Start by outlining Lee's eyes first, followed by his eyebrows, nose and mouth parts. Then you can draw his face and hair ...

Some artists prefer to sketch the whole face first followed by the eyes, nose and mouth. It's entirely up to you...

Rock Lee 3

Rock Lee 4

Get it? Let's continue...


How To Draw Naruto Characters, Rock Lee  - Step No. 2

Rock Lee 5

Continue to draw his neck and dress followed by his fingers. Create line toning at his neck and chest as described in drawing Sakura Haruno. Instead of using mechanical pencil, you can use a sharpened 2B pencil too.

Rock Lee 6
Rock Lee 7


How To Draw Naruto Characters, Rock Lee - Step No. 3

Now, let's concentrate on his hair. Create wavy lines horizontally, parallel to each other acrosss his hair. Then draw few lines vertically as shown in these figures.

Rock Lee 8
Rock Lee 9

Then use a tip-end eraser to erase the parallel lines. This is to create a light reflection of his hair. I guess ;).

Rock Lee 10
Rock Lee 11


Step No. 4

Then, take your 4B or 6B pencil to blacken his eyes, eyebrows and hair. Pay special attention when you strike at the border of your sketch so not to strike over the border.

Rock Lee 12
Rock Lee 13

And finally, your hand drawn Rock Lee is ready...

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