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"Rose Sketches From A Real Rose Picture"

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You can have a realistic rose drawing from a few sketches. Here, I'll show a step by step drawing lesson on how to draw a rose, in this case, a pink rose.

Enjoy learning by going through this webpage or watching a mini video of this lesson... Watch now.

Start with a pink rose picture like this.

Pink rose

Don't have any quality rose picture to draw? Click here to get one!

How To Draw A Rose - Step 1

After having your favorite rose image, take a sharpened HB pencil and draw few outward lines from a center. The number of lines must be based on the number of outermost petals. Based on the pink rose image above, you can literally see there are six outermost petals. And the length should be according to the length of the petals.

Rose Sketch

How To Draw A Rose - Step 2

In this step, sketch using the HB or the 2B grade graphite pencil. You can start from the center sketching petals counter clockwise towards the peripherals.

Rose sketch 1

How To Draw A Rose - Step 3

Consequently, erase the unwanted lines and re-draw your rose sketch so that it is a clean line drawing of a rose.
Rose sketch 2

How To Draw A Rose - Step 4

Now is the best part. Start toning... You can use either a 2B or a 4B grade pencil. If you're a right-handed person, start from the upper left hand side of your drawing. You can rotate your drawing for your easiness. Stroke from inner to outer part of a petal one by one. Stroke the inner part with more pressure from the outer part. This is important so that your drawing becomes real.

Rose sketch toning

How To Draw A Rose - Step 5

After you finished doing one petal, smudge it using your forefinger or other finger that you want.

Rose sketch hand rubbing

How To Draw A Rose - Step 6

Repeat Step 5 and 6 to other petals.

Rose sketch toning 2

How To Draw A Rose - Step 7

Now take a 6B or a 8B grade pencil and darken the petals and create water droplets if you want. Start toning the background. Do the strokes in a same direction. Create a darkest tone along the outer petals.

Rose sketch background toning 3

And finally...

Pink rose pencil drawings

Your hand drawn pink rose drawing...

Look how you can draw a realistic rose drawing from a still life rose. Click here learn more on how to Sketch A Realistic Rose Drawing.

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Enjoy... this is fun!

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